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The Kitty Pole
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The Kitty Pole
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The Kitty Pole
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The Kitty Pole
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The Kitty Pole
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The Kitty Pole
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The Kitty Pole
The Kitty Pole
The Kitty Pole
The Kitty Pole
The Kitty Pole
The Kitty Pole
The Kitty Pole
The Kitty Pole

The Kitty Pole

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The Kitty Pole is a simple product that hardly takes up any space and your cat will love it!

This free-standing structure gives your cat the ability to exercise its natural instincts of climbing, scratching, and playing.

The sisal rope wrapped around the pole allows the perfect material for scratching, and the soft plush allows the cat to scratch, stretch, rub against, and is safe for your cat to interact and play with.

The top of the pole features a hanging ball providing a fun toy for your cat to play with, to jump and climb and try to catch. A spare hanging ball part is included in the contents as a bonus!

The base of the pole also features and additional entertaining marble ball inlay for your cat to play with.

So although simple in look and design and neutral to suit any space, this Kitty Pole is packed with great features to keep your cat entertained and happy.

What's more is a spare scratching pole is included so you have 3 options in erecting the pole, which can bring the pole to an impressive 32 inches tall! (82cm)

Your cat will just love this Kitty Pole, grab one today as stocks are limited!


 *Please note: This product is unfortunately NOT available for our Australian customers.

It is available for our customers located in: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland, Ireland, Czech Rep., Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece
This item is not available to our Australian customers sorry!

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  • Freestanding structure designed for cats play and activity
  • Has three different structure options
  • Provides ability for your cat to exercise its natural instincts and behavior
  • Climbing, jumping, scratching, playing
  • Materials suitable for scratching, durable and safe for cats
  • Is space-saving (does not take up much space in the home)
  • Is neutral in color and design will suit any decor
  • The base includes balls inlaid, for additional entertainment
  • Includes additionals hanging toy ball
  • Includes additional scratching pole

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