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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
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Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad
Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad

Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad

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Now you can keep your floor and furniture protected from your pets' accidents, excess fur, and wear n' tear with Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad.

They are perfect to train your kitten or puppy without the ongoing cost and waste of disposable pet pads, not to mention the time-consuming cleaning requiring expensive and toxic products.

✅ Save money on disposable pads

✅ Reduce your contribution to waste

✅ Cost-effective - Reusable

✅ Machine washable

✅ Waterproof - protects your floors, furniture

✅ Reduces your cleaning time

How they work

The Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad works using a special 3 layer composition that absorbs not only liquid but also odor as well as prevents leakage, keeping your pet's accident contained in the pad. Its waterproof feature ensures to keep your floor, carpet, or couch clean and dry.

Perhaps you have an older pet, injured or post-op pet that requires a hygienic and absorbent place to rest. These pet pads are perfect for this as well as so many other useful purposes.

They are reusable, washable, and durable making living with your pet a breeze, no matter if your pet is a kitten or a puppy through to an older pet. The Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad will ensure your home and furniture stay clean and fresh.


Multiple Uses

  •  The Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad is perfect for placing in areas where your kitten or puppy is likely to have an accident, as is it soft and comfortable so your pet will naturally be attracted to the area.
  • They are also great for placing on the couch or edge of the bed where your pet likes to rest and prevent wear and tear of fabrics as well as excess fur on your furniture
  • Perfect to place in their beds so you can simply remove it and wash it as most pet beds are not ideal for the washing machine and difficult to clean
  • Ideal for pets that are older, injured or post-operation that may have accidents or need a clean absorbent surface to rest on.
  • Use it in the car to prevent dirty seats and excess fur and protect your interior
  • These pads are perfect for cats and dogs


The Pettish No-Mess Pet Pad is machine washable making them quick, easy, and convenient to use! With proper maintenance, they will not stain or hold odors. No more messy, costly disposable pet pads.

If you are concerned about placing the pad in the washing machine due to excess soil, then we recommend hosing the pad first to remove as much waste as possible before placing them in the washing machine.


Now you can do your part by not adding to the global waste issue by not purchasing disposable pet pads and purchase these that are reusable, long-lasting, and therefore friendly to the environment.

Which is great for your pocket and great for the environment.



  • Waterproof, nylon, microfiber


  • Green & White (zig-zag)
  • Green Stars
  • Gray Stars
  • Black Stars
  • Pink Clouds
  • Blue Clouds


  • Small - 35 x 45cm
  • Medium - 60 x 75cm
  • Large - 80 x 100cm


Not sure which size is best?

  • Small - 35 x 45cm - suits small pet and small area
  • Medium - 60 x 75cm - great size for a single cat and covers most of your needs
  • Large - 80 x 100cm - larger size that suits when extra area is needed, gives ample room for your pet or pets

    *Please measure your area to ensure the best pad/s size to suit your needs

      *Please consider purchasing additional pads should you like to cover more surfaces or additional areas


      How do I get my pet to use the pad?

      A: Place the pad where you have found your pet has had an accident in the past, or place it on places where your pet likes to sit. If you are training a puppy your pet will be attracted to the soft material and pattern, after drinking or eating place your pet on the pad. For kittens place your kitten in the kitty litter, however, these pads can be placed in corners where your kitten has or may go by accident, then you can simply pick up the pad and put it in the washing machine.

      It's great to have more than one so at least you can replace one while the other is being washed, or have more than one in different locations.

      Can my pet ruin the pad?

      A: These pads are designed to be chew-proof and durable so are made for pet use. They are generally long-lasting

      What's the best way to wash it?

      A: As soon as you discover the pad is soiled with pet waste we recommend hosing it off and clean with soap and water, then machine washing it.

      It is also able to be tumble dried on low heat. Air drying is recommended.

      When can I expect to receive my order?

      A: Once ordered it takes 1-3 days to process your item/s which should then arrive at you after 7-17 days. Sometimes delays can be experienced especially due to the current global crisis. However, we pride ourselves on efficient shipping services and work to deliver your item to you as quickly as possible.

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