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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
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Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health
Pettish Fountain Of Health


Did you know 1 in every 3 cats develops kidney disease?

This is a scary statistic. There are a number of reasons why this can occur but YES! There is something you can do to prevent it!

By offering clean, filtered, oxygenated water with our fountain your pet will be getting the best quality water. And they will be encouraged to drink more. The health benefits are endless! BUY YOURS TODAY!
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what makes this fountain so great?

Check out the benefits here

Want to ensure you're providing your pet with the cleanest, healthiest water?

This is a staggering statistic and most cat owners don't know how to prevent it or why this mystery disease strikes, which can often lead to death.

Water is essential for life but not just water, the quality of water is important.

Cats can also stop drinking water if it is sitting still in a bowl, this can lead to dehydration, and therefore a risk of developing kidney disease.

By providing running, and therefore oxygenated as well as filtered water with our Pettish Fountain Of Health, you will be ensuring your pet has the best water available for your pet and their health.

The running water also encourages natural response from cats to drink, so they will drink more ensuring they are both hydrated and drinking quality, clean water.

✅ Clean Healthy, Water
- The unique replaceable design filter has a multi-stage filtration removing impurities, heavy metals, chlorine with an additional carbon filter to filter out contaminants, pesticides, and herbicides as well as remove odor and improve the taste

Pump Design
The unique designed blue pump DR-DC160 is deployed with a customized suction cup to keep noise to a minimum. The high-quality impeller guarantees durability and longevity for this product.

✅ Quality Materials
The Pet Drinking Fountain is made of finely polished antibacterial PP plastic. The stainless steel option is SUS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and durable.

A simple quick-release structure is designed for easy removal and cleaning.

✅ Large Capacity - 5-7 days (cats & small dogs)

With an 81 ounce/2.4 liter capacity there's no need to replenish the water frequently. This drinking fountain can meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds, as well as other pets of various sizes.
No need to worry about your pets not getting enough fresh drink when you go to work or are away from home for the day.

✅ Visual Indicators Equipped with LED, to display the water level, you can keep tabs on when to replace the water as required. When working, the LED is blue. The product does not work until the water level exceeds the pump.

Please Note

The Pettish Fountain Of Health is available in either a PP plastic or food-grade stainless steel topped drinking fountain design.

Filters are required to ensure clean healthy water for your pet and need to be replaced every 2-4 weeks. Please consider purchasing additional filters.

It is a safe, hygienic, convenient quality product, parts are also dishwasher is safe

The fountain is powered by a USB cord, a power adapter is additionally required (USB power adapter required as per country).

- The charcoal filter should be changed every 2 to 4 weeks.
- Fountain should be cleaned at least every 2 weeks.
- The fountain pump only with USB charging port not including AC Adapter
- There are no on/off switch for the light (water level indicator)
- Fountain will stop running if the water level is low


Material: PP plastic + Stainless Steel

Quantity: 1pc or as listed

Color: White and silver (as per pictured)

Water Capacity: 2.4 liters (80 oz)

Input Voltage: 5V,1A

Power Consumption: 1.5W

Waterproof: IP68

Cable Length: 1.6M/5.2ft

Size: L18.6cm x W18.6cm x H13.1cm/7.3*7.3*5.1” (L*W*H) approx.

Net Weight: 697g/24.6oz

Package Contents:


1) PP Plastic Resin or Food Grade Stainless Steel (Fountain)

1x Pet Water Fountain
1x Fountain Pump with USB Charging Port (power adapter not included)
1x Charcoal Filter (included)
1x USB cable
1x User Manual
1x Package box

Give your pet the gift of clean fresh water today!


Ensure you have stock of replacement filters on hand and replace them every 2-4 weeks.

You can grab them here >> https://pettish.co/products/filters

Pettish Pet fountain

Pettish pet drinking fountain

Pettish Pet drinking fountain

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