Carefully selected products that we personally use or would buy for our cats

Pettish Cat Store Welcome to my store, this store has been created to offer you special items to make life with your cat more enjoyable, while supporting cats well-being and ultimate longevity. So you can enjoy a happy, healthy, long-life with your furbaby.

I have extensive experience with cats, being a cat lover all my life. I've always had a special affinity with cats, always stopping to bond with one on the street, and 9 times out of 10 he/she would start to follow me home. They could sense the pure love I have for them.

However, it wasn't until later in life, I actually had my first cat, which seems strange considering how much I adore them. Infact, it wasn't even actually, my cat! But a present for my daughter.

She, like me, absolutely loved cats and loved the idea of having a cat. It took several years before I could finally convince my now, former husband, to have a cat.

Finally we would have a gorgeous cat as part of our family! Well one cat quickly turned into two!

After seeing how beautiful it was to see kittens playing together I desperately wanted my, err, I mean my daughters kitten, (whoops!), to have a special friend. Having two was the best! I just loved seeing the special bond they had together, a bond they couldn't have with a person, which clearly added so much to their life.

Several years on I have now been a professional, purebred breeder of indoor cats, AKA Crazy Cat Lady. I have an in depth knowledge of cats, their behaviors, various characteristics, potential issues and much more. My cats are my family, they're all unique and all special.

I'm always looking for products that work for my cats and products I can recommend to my clients. I see what works and doesn't work, I recommend what I feel works, either I use it or would use it for my cats.

I understand your cat is your furbaby, and you love him/her like family, as I do mine. You want to provide them with the best. Ensure their comfort, health and well-being, for them to have a long and happy life. You also want to enjoy your furbaby, and curb any behavior that can cause any potential issues in your life, such as those that can arise from those sharp claws or accidents around the home!

You will also find a section for humans, dedicated cat themed products that you can gift to your fellow cat lover or for yourself.

I will always be refining the store so please bookmark us and visit us anytime to see whats new!

I hope you love my store and I welcome any feedback to improve the store, after all its created for you!


Picture (above), of Ruby, a gorgeous seal-point Ragdoll kitten from our second litter taken by talented photographer Kylie McCormack