The 5 Most Frequently Asked Cat Questions Answered

by Tahnesha McPherson February 13, 2021 2 Comments

The 5 Most Frequently Asked Cat Questions Answered

If you have a cat or are considering purchasing or adopting one, there is no doubt there will be questions that arise. Here are the most common questions asked about cats and their answers that might help answer any questions you have or perhaps haven’t thought yet to ask about cats.

  1. Why does my cat wake me up so early?

Cats are nocturnal animals which is why you will most likely finding them sleeping during the day. Infact they sleep most of the day, they are most active at dawn and dusk.

  1. Is it okay to have my cat sleep in my bed or bedroom?

As per question above cats can wake at early hours, consider that your sleep will undoubtedly be broken by a cat that will most likely walk on you, possibly jump on you or just generally have burst of energy and burn around the home. Personally I need my sleep, and unbroken as much as possible so I choose to have my cats in a separate room or rooms with everything they need to ensure their comfort and well-being. Oh and you would also need to have the kitty litter in your room or close by and the smell can be enough to wake you from your slumber!

  1. How long do cats sleep for?

Kittens and older cats sleep the longest, an average adult cats sleeps around 15 hours per day with snoozing for up to 20 hours per day! In case you were worried there’s nothing wrong with your cat sleeping a lot, perfectly normal

  1. Why does my cat stare at me?

Cats communicate telepathically, yes believe me or not, you and your cat communicate telepathically. You will find with living with a cat that they can sense what you want and react instantly and you will come to know what they want. Sometimes they will stare at you intensely to get your attention, yes there is definitely something they want, it can be food, attention, it could also be them wanting to bond with you.

  1. Why does the cat scratch the furniture?

A cat’s natural instinct is to sharpen its claws. Just like manicuring and maintaining our nails, cats need to do this too. Cats need to be provided with plenty of scratching posts to ensure they use these and not your furniture.

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February 22, 2021

Hi Shirley, is your girl spayed? This should stop your female from spraying, both male and female cats do this to attract the opposite sex. It can really be stopped unless desexed. Very good questions about cutting claws! I will list a product that can definitely help with that. Our store does currently stock great clippers that have an inbuilt torch that lights up so you don’t cut the bloodline. This can cause great pain to your furbaby so you want to make sure to avoid this. There are bag/restraint that can assist to keep your cat in a safe position enabling you to access and clip nails without too much distress. It is important that you remain as calm as possible. If they pick up on your emotion, which they can easily do, and its stressed at all they will become stressed too, so nice and calm but confident. Please check out this product:

Shirley Faber
Shirley Faber

February 22, 2021

Why do femail cats raise there like there going to spray? How can we get our cat to let us cut her nails

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